Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Queen rose

An elegant black french manicure. :)

First of all I applied the base coat then I made the french manicure with black nail polish adjusting the corners with a tiny brush. With the glittery bronze nail polish I made a degrade effect n the tip of my nails. In the area near my cuticles I drew a rose and I finished the decoration with golden studs. Of course I applied 2 layers of top coat as usual.

There was only one problem with the studs... when I was applying the top coat the color of the studs just melted... Well next time I will try to use another top coat and see ho it looks like.

Material used:

- Essence studio nails 7/24 nail base
- Kiko 275
- Kiko 514
- acrylic paint
- studs
- Essence Top Coat Better than gel nails


  1. Šteta što su nitnice pustile boju jer sama zamisao ovog manikira mi se veoma dopada.

    1. Hvala puno! :)
      Ne znam zašto su pustile boju... možda je top coat bio tekuć... Upravo sam napravil još jednu manikuru sa njima i crvenim lakom. I čini mi se da sada nisu pustile boju.

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