Sunday, August 9, 2015

Glitter powder picker

I am sorry that I have disappeared from the blog in these days but I didn't have time to go on internet. So I couldn't even check your blogs. A friend has come here for the holidays so I spend all my free time with her.

For the today's post I decided to write a review for Born pretty store. The item I will be talk about is a glitter picker. Basically it's a sponge tool that helps to apply glitters on the nail. It looked interesting so I decide to try it. Usually I use a fan brush to apply the glitters but I decided to try this one too.

Item: Glitter powder picker pen nail art powder picking tool
Description: a brush with a sponge tip.
Price: 3.50 $

Where you can find it: here at Born Pretty store website

Here below I have made some nail art experiment to test how it works.

To clean it I just soaked it into the nail polish remover. The only thing that I didn't like was the way the sponge was attached to the brush. It's a little bit too loosely, I have almost ripped it off.

If you liked this product you can check also their website. 
There are a lot of interesting nail art decoration.

Feel free to use this code DULK31 to get 10% off on all your orders.

Have you tried this product before? Which tool do you use for applying glitters? 


  1. Hmm don't know if this is something I would buy! But your nails look great as always :-D

  2. This tool looks interesting - I wonder what my impressions would be like.

  3. Zanimljivo deluje. Je l' kupi mnogo šljokica?

  4. I'm not sure it's the sort of thing I would use! :-)

  5. it looks smart but I would just have used a sponge :)

  6. I don't know if I would use this tool. Looks kind of funny :D
    Love your glitter nails, especially the blue one :)

  7. zanimljiva ideja... svejedno, više mi se sviđaju tvoji nokti nego ovo čudo :D

  8. That's quite an interesting product, I've never heard of it :)

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