Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Misslyn silk touch 06 + review Lady queen's rings

Hi people! XD

Today I decided to show you a swatch of my latest purchase. It's The Misslyn silk touch 06, a very delicate shade of pink with a little bit of shimmers inside. It has a nice satin matt finish. I have applied 3 coats to reach the maximum of the color, but 2 coats could also be enough. The brush is a little bit small and rectangular. The formula is liquid but is not too difficult to work with. The drying time was ok.

Overall: 5/5

Now let's talk about the rings. Lady queen has sent to me this set of rings.

 Item: Gorgeous set of jewelry set crystal set shiny gold knuckle rings
Description: 5 golden rings with different shapes. Ring diameter: 13 mm
Price: 3.38  $

Where you can find it: here at Lady Queen website

The rings are very cute I like the shape of all of them. They also look so pretty and elegant on the fingers.
The only thing I will change is the size of some of the rings... Some of them can only fit my pinky finger, but luckily the other are suitable for the ring and index finger so it's ok. When I was choosing the rings I didn't pay attention to the size (13 mm) that is reported on the website

In the end I am still happy with these rings and if you like them too you can check the Lady queen's website. They also have a flash sale where you can find good quality items with reasonable price.

If you liked this decorations you can check the Beauty Queen website. There interesting nail products.
The shipping is free worldwide.

Feel free to use this 15% discount code: AGLC15

Let me know what do you think about this midi rings. Do you like this kind of rings or you prefer the normal one? Have you tried some silky touch nail polishes of Misslyn?

Thank you for stopping by! :)


  1. Kako je lak nežan. :) Prstenje ne nosim, ali ovi fino izgledaju. :)

    1. Htjela sam isprobati midi prstene i mogu reći da mi se sviđaju ;)

  2. This Misslyn is subtle and delicate, I like it - the rings fit the nail polish :)

    1. Yeah gold ring and pink nail polish look very good ;D

  3. While I love this kind of rings on other people's hands, I don't like them on mine - my fingers always look so short and fat with such rings :'D

    1. I saw a lot of people wearing this kind of ring so I decided to try it too, and I am satisfied with them ;)

  4. beautiful and delicate mani- rings look gorgeous :)

  5. Lovely color and that finish is perfect. Looks great on your nails!

  6. That pink polish is cute and adorable. Really suits you well! Cute rings!

  7. Very pretty and delicate!!!
    Thank you so much for your comment!!!
    Have a nice day!!! and my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  8. What a gorgeous colour. I love the finish :-D

  9. That is so girly and pretty and I like the rings too :)

  10. Oh, this colour is really nice, so subtle and girly :D

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