Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Stamping plate holder

The summer has ended and I already miss it. :(
The day are so gloomy and cloudy and I cannot do a decent photo of my nails. Even the pictures in this post are a little bit dark....

Item: plate holder
Description: it's like a little book for storing stamping plates. There are also other colors to choose.
Price: 4.12  $

Where you can find it: here at Lady Queen website

This time the item I will be talking about is a plate holder. I don't have a lot of plate however I thought that a plate holder will be practical. So as I reported in the pictures the size is approximately 8.5x5 cm. This size is appropriate for most of my plates (round or rectangular which size is about 5.5cm). The only one that didn't fit is the last one (in the right down corner) which size is about 6.5 cm.
It has 12 plastic pages and can contain 24 plates. It doesn't open like a book but you have to slide the pages on one side.

So if you like to stamp and have a lot of stamping plate this is a very useful item to have. :)

If you liked this decorations you can check the Lady Queen website. There interesting nail products.
The shipping is free worldwide.

Feel free to use this 15% discount code: AGLC15

Do you already have this kind of holder? How do you store your stamping plates? I used to store them into a photo albums. Well I still do that for the bigger plates. XD

Thank you for stopping by! :)


  1. Korisna stvarčica. Sviđa mi se boja. :D

  2. I meni se sviđa boja. Da li pušta boju na folije?

    1. Samo prva folija je malo ofarbana ali ostale nisu

  3. I have like this and totally love it. Better than all of them in a box. Especially bcs some of them can be quite sharp around the edges!

  4. Questo ce l'ho anch'io, anche se è della concorrenza! :D Sto meditando da tempo di acquistare la versione grande, ovviamente ho troppe plates per un holder solo!

  5. Looks like a good thing I've you've got lots of plates :-)

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