Friday, April 29, 2016

Ciaté - Serendipity

Hi!! On the last post I have shown you some new nail polishes so let's begin with the swatch.
The first I have tried is this glittery red. I started applying it with the brush but then I switched to the sponge, it was easier. So if you want to apply a nail polish like this I will definitely recommend to use he sponge, it gives better result that the brush.
It dries very quickly! You can apply the second coat almost immediately after the first. The only bad thing about this nail polish is the lasting. It chipped after the first day, and I had also applied the top coat!

Overall: 3.5/5

Here on the picture you can see 2-3 layers of glitter.

Thank you for stopping by. :)


  1. You look lovely in this glitter. It looks pretty. I don't wear them often because they chip on my nails quite fast too.

  2. Wow this is so, so pretty! I really love this on your nails!

  3. Aw, it's such a cute colour, I really like it <3

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