Saturday, April 23, 2016


Hello everyone! Today I am doing a haul post. I haven't done it in a while so let's start.
The first nail polishes are for Ciate and I bough them on the web shop and I payed them only 26 kn (about 3.5 euro).

My next purchase was from I chose three different brands to try: El Corazon, a-Enland and F.U.N. Lacquer. Can't wait to swatch them!! :3

I bought the next two nail polishes (pink gel nail polish and the peel off base) when I was in Italy at OVS. It's a brand that I didn't see there before so I was very curios to try. If they are good next time I will buy more.

Some time ago I was at a beauty fair where I didn't buy a lot of nail-related thing, but I have finally found the Seche Vite!! Of course I had to buy it. ;)

 So this were my latest purchase and soon I will also post the swathes. :3
Have you tried some of this brands?

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  2. Yeah, I love haul posts!
    I've tried all of these brands and no did disappoint me :).
    I'm very curious for the blue/purple China Glaze, it looks so nice and sparkly!

  3. Lovely colors!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  4. I've never had Ciates. F.U.N, a england, El Corazon sound great. A pleasant haul in general.

  5. I have one Ciate called Pepperminty... Nice mint creme :) I love fresh seche vite! I hate when it gets halfway and gets thicker... It shrinks a lot and sometimes makes my polish crack a bit

  6. Ciao carissima! Quante belle cose! Non vedo l'ora di vedere gli swatches!

  7. Great haul! I really like El Corazón's polishes :)

  8. This is an amazing haul post. I am the most curious about the El Corazon and F.U.N. Lacquer nail polishes! Have fun with them!

  9. So many pretties in this haul! i am in a buying ban, so naturally drooling at all haul posts and adding stuff to my wishlist, but not buying anything, lol

  10. Lepe kupovine. Posebnu pažnju mi je privukao zeleni (ili je možda plavi) Ciate.

  11. Oh my, those are some wonderful stuff you got :D

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