Sunday, June 12, 2016

F.U.N. lacquer - Blessing

Hello everyone!! How are you? I was missing from the blog for more than one week. Actually the last two post were scheduled in advance cause I wasn't at home. I went on a friend wedding in Italy and then in Germany. When I came back I wanted to publish a post but my pc has sone problems with internet conection... it still has. I am publishing this post from another computer. I hope to solve the problems soon.

So as you can see the today nail polish is this beautiful multichrome from F.U.N. laquer. It's was so difficult to capture all his beauty with my photo camera. I have done my best to take nice pictures.. I have used two different camera but they didn't turn out so well.
As a base I used a black nail polish and over it I have applied only one coat of Blessing and that's the result. It's really amazing!!! The color shift is  so cool. The color changes form purple to green to blue.
The application and the drying time were good and it also lasted very well! Today is the 4th day that I wear it and it still perfect! :D

Overall: 5/5

So what do you think about multichrome nail polishes? Have you tried them already?

Thank you for stopping by! :D


  1. I like wearing multichromes from time to time. This is a beetle one :D

  2. Gorgeous, that's such a unique polish!

  3. Beautiful multichrome! Hope you had fun travelling for the weddings :)

  4. Gorgeous shift this one has, well done with capturing it!

  5. This is an amazing multichrome nail polish indeed! Show us the weeding nail art you had on you :))

  6. Oh wow, what an amazing colour shifter!! :)

  7. Che riflessi questo smalto!! Favoloso!

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