Sunday, July 10, 2016

Royal blue flower

Hello everyone!!! Finally I have edited the pictures of this nail art, that I wore at my friend's wedding. I was wearing a blue long dress and I chose a matching nail polish for the manicure.
For the design I chose a one stroke flower. I also made a pecidure with some rhinestones but I cannot post a picure because the resolution is very bad. I took that photo with my cell phone. :(

On the background you can see a little bit of the wedding dress that I caught. :D

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Wow, this hand painting is done so well!

  2. Lovely nails, you've got a talent for sure.

    I am following your blog via GFC AND G+, it would be so cool if you did the same!
    Walking Freckle

  3. High elegance! Love everything about this nail art! Perfect for wedding!

  4. Your design looks so awesome! I love how your one stroke flowers turned out, they look so georgeous ♥

  5. are fabulous...what an awesome mani! :-)

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