Sunday, July 31, 2016

Bps clear stamper and scraper + summer gradient

In this post I will show you a product that I received from Bornpretty store. It's a clear stamping with a plastic scraper. Well I have already tried one of their clear stampers and it's really good. This one is even bigger so it's perfect for my long nail! :D
But the thing I was very interested is the scraper. I don't really like the regular ones so I wanted to try this, and I can tell you that I really like it! It's very easy to work with and it don't leave scratches on the plate... with the metallic scraper I usually ruined my plates cause I press to hard on it.

Item: clear stamper and scraper
Where you can find it: here at Born Pretty store website

If you liked this product you can check also their website. 
There are a lot of interesting nail art decoration.

Feel free to use this code DULK31 to get 10% off on all your orders.

Have you already tried the scraper? and the big stamper?

Thank you for stopping by! :)


  1. It's an optimistic, girly mani :)

  2. this is such a perfect mani for summer. xx

  3. That's a gorgeous gradient <3

  4. Bellissima nail art! Sto provando in questi giorni il mio primo clear stamper di BornPretty e mi piace molto. Anche io uso quello scraper!

  5. Oh, I LOVE that gradient! It looks so beuatiful, the colours are really great together ♥

  6. beautiful gradient. very summer-ish :)

  7. Beautiful gradient and gradient stamping! :) I really like their clear stamper too!

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