Sunday, August 7, 2016

Ciaté - Play date

Hello!! How are you? What are you doing this weekend? Did you go somewhere for the summer holiday?

Today I decided to show you this pretty red nail polish from Ciaté.
The color is really beautiful and shiny! The application was nice and the brush was ok. It lasted well and the drying time was fast.
I have applied 3 coats.


Thank you for stopping by! :D


  1. That's a really gorgeous red - love it!

  2. Such a pretty, classic red ♥

    I went to Banjole near Pula for holiday :) is that near you? Have you been there already, too? It's such a nice place, the sea is great and Pula is so near you can visit it by car :)

  3. I love a classic red like this one! :)

  4. I have this nail polish and I like very much the finish of it. Looks amazing on your long nails!

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