Monday, March 30, 2015

Avon Beauty Blog Day 2015

Two days ago I have participated to the Avon Beauty blog day in Croatia. It's an event that takes place in Zagreb and involve all Croatian beauty bloggers. It's a opportunity to meet each other, and also to meet and talk with some brand representatives. This was the first time that I have participated to an event like this. Till the last day I wasn't really sure if I should go or not 'cos I don't know many Croatian bloggers. But in the end I decided to go.

I will share with you some photos... I am sorry for the bad quality but I used the cell phone because I forgot the camera. I was in such a harry to take the bus and I left it on my desk... :(

At the entrance all of us received a badge with the name of our blog. So I was mostly looking at the badges and trying to find some familiar blog. It is a strange feeling when you know someone but you have never met or even see each other. I really didn't know how to approach to the other bloggers...

I will shortly describe that day. At the beginning the organizers made a speech but of course I was late so I missed it. After that the brand representatives have a little presentation: Avon, Biobaza and Foreo and there was also an education for the bloggers regarding our blogs and how to approach and collaborate with makeup brands (they also talked about payed review and PR products).

Foreo presented his product for cleansing the face: Luna. This is a device which  uses lower-frequency pulsations for deeply clean the skin and has also and anti-age function. I have the opportunity to try it and it looked interesting but I think that the price is pretty high...

The Biobaza has also presented their new products for skin care. The main ingredient are parsley, borage oil and vitamin E. We also have receive two of this products to test them.
Next on the schedule was a debate between beauty bloggers and brand representatives. Each side explained their point of view and some experience. The brand representatives talked about the collaboration, how they choose the bloggers, what they expect from them etc...

There were two break: the first was  sweet break with a cupcakes and cake made by Jelena from the blog  TheChloee’s everyday. And at the 1 PM there was the lunch and some free time to try the products and to socialize with the other bloggers. I met some beauty and nail bloggers like Nail Crazy, Little things that makes me happy, Leptirich, Mateja nails, Makeup ninja, Beauty bar by M, Beauty blog by Tina, Beauty&Sweets.... The time passed really fast and at the 3 PM there was the announcement of the Beauty blogger of 2014: Sara's Magical World.
It was a really nice experience. I am happy that I have the opportunity to meet nice people and I hope that we will meet again in the future, maybe at the next Beauty blog day. :)

Here are the products that the sponsors gave to us. There are some interesting product, one of them it the gel nail polish form Avon. I haven't tried any of their product so am curious to test it. :)

Have you ever participated to similar events?  In you country there are this kind of meetings?


  1. Nice review...eagerly waiting to read the reviews on some of the samples.Hope you had fun.

  2. amazing experience - I am waiting for your review :)

  3. what a great experience!I would love to assist to an event like that! I have no idea if there is something similar in Switzerland, if there is I must have missed it :(

    1. Actually I was very surprised that here in Croatia they organized such event... as I can see other countries don't have something like this....

  4. Baš mi je drago da san te našla, sad se čitamo! :)

    1. Zapamtila sam ime tvog blog.. ali nije bilo ga baš lako naći... da mi nisi rekla da je a wordpressu ne bi ga pronašla

  5. super nam je bilo, šteta što nije popraćeno fotkicama, ni kod mene ih nema :/
    dogodine se obavezno ii poslikamo :D

    1. Da šteta zbog slika.... da sam bar još koju uspljela napravit...
      Ali barem na drugim blogovima ima više fotka

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