Saturday, November 7, 2015

Butterfly's flight

Hello everyone!! Here I am with a color full manicure made with the Lady Queen's french guide. Some days ago I received some products from this website and the first thing I wanted to try were the french guides.

Item: french nail tip guides
Description: 1 sheet of nail art tape. There are also other pattern to choose. 
Price: 1.94 $
Where you can find it: here at Lady Queen website

First of all I applied the Essence 01 nothing but lovestoned (from the like an unforgettable kiss's collection) on three nails and the Essence 33 Wild white ways on the last two. When the nail polish was completely dry I applied the french guides. Before you place the tape on the nails is useful to stick it on the palm of your hand to make it less sticky and easier to peel of. With a sponge I made the gradient and removed the french guides.

I wanted to add more detail to the manicure so I attached a metal decoration. I have slightly bent it (curved it) so it can fit the shape of my nails.

If you liked this decorations you can check the Lady Queen website. There interesting nail products.
The shipping is free worldwide.

Feel free to use this 15% discount code: AGLC15

What do you think about the french guides? Do you like metal decorations?

Thank you for stopping by. :)


  1. Che meraviglia di nail art! Complimenti!

  2. Great mani. The butterfly just sets if off well :-D

  3. wow so chic♥
    Welcome to my blog♥

  4. Wow! amazing pics and mani!

  5. I love your nails style with this look. The color combination match gorgeously! xx

  6. Gradijent je divan, a još je lepše to sunce koje ti je sijalo za slikanje. Baš je dalo divnu atmosferu za ovakav manikir.

    1. Na slikama izgleda kao da je proljeće a ne jesen XD

  7. So nice...I like your blog.^^

    Maybe follow each other on gfc

    Let me know follow you then back.

    bye :)

  8. These kind of tip guides are super useful and I love your mani and that cute butterfly!

  9. Really lovely mani I love the gradient! :) I've never heard of lady Queen before but I have the same stickers from born pretty store... Same packaging too

    1. Lady queen is very similar to Born pretty store and I also discovered it recently.

  10. predobra upotreba naljepnica, odlična manikura :D

  11. Gorgeous chevron, I love these colours <3

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