Monday, June 12, 2017

Pupa holo 032

Hello!! Finally it's time for sea and beach and there is nothing better than I holo nail polish to start this hot season! :D
Here I am swatching the 032 Pupa holographic nail polish. The color is very nice, the holo effect is visible but not as strong as the Layla holo nail polishes. The brush is small and straight. The coverage is good, with one layer you will obtain almost full coverage. However I prefer to apply two coats. The finish is not so shiny so I suggest to apply also a top coat at the end. The drying time is ok and so is the application (however I will prefer a slightly bigger brush).

Overall: 4/5

Have you tried the pupa holo nail polishes? What's your experience?

Than you for stopping by.


  1. I love Pupa holos, they are amazing <3

  2. So pretty, the shade looks amazing

  3. This is pretty :) I have tried Pupa's polishes and I like them in general :)

  4. I don't own any Pupa nail polishes, but this one would be one for me too. Love it!

  5. Ho alcuni smalti holo Pupa e mi piacciono molto, anche se non sono super-potenti!

  6. A dirti il vero non ho mai provato smalti holo di pupa, pero' ho uno smalto con glitteroni holo ed è una meraviglia!
    Mi piace questo colore per l'estate!
    Un abbraccio <3

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