Tuesday, April 7, 2015

<< Steel stamp >>

Hello and Happy Easter! I hope you passed a nice  weekend! :D

I have finally used the stamping plate that I have received on a giveaway from +BornPretty BPS. It was a long time I haven't stamped on my nails but seeing this king of manicure on other blogs made me want to do it myself.

This is my firs experiment with this kind of motives. The application was easy and the design result nice and neat. I didn't want to make all the nails with the same pattern so I chose a gradient for the other three nails. I think that I should have made the black part wider, it will look better.

Material used:

- Essence studio nail anti-split nail sealer
- Catrice 62 Must-have STEELetto
- Kiko 275
- Essence Better than gel nails Top coat
- stamping plate
- sponge


The single plate contain a lot of different designs: patterns and single designs and it's very easy to use. The size of this designs was large enough for my nails. Here I don't have so long nails so the motive fits well.

I have received this plate in a set of 8 but I will put the link for the single plate as well so if  you are interested in it you could check it out. Here I showed you in detail only the plate I have used.

You could use my 10% discount code: DULK31


  1. Nice!! I love the stamping design you picked and it came out so well! :)

  2. super, nisam baš fan metalik finiša, ali sve skupa odlično izgleda :D

    1. dosta sam zadovoljna rezultatom ijako mi je dezajn na prstenjaku otišao malu u krivo :P

  3. Che carina questa nail art, la trovo molto elegante!

    1. Grazie! Anche io la trovo molto elegante :)

  4. Great mani, I really like it :-D

  5. Bella manicure! nero e argento sono una combinazione perfetta.

    1. Grazie molte! Questo è un argento che vira leggermene al viola e mi piace molto! :)

  6. Baš mi se dopada i kombinacija boja i gradijent.

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