Thursday, April 16, 2015


Hello!! How are you?
I don't feel very well today, I have a cough :(  Hope to get well soon. I wasn't sick during the winter while my whole family was... and now in the spring is my turn... :(

Here is the today's nail art. This week I decided to join my balkan colleagues and participate to the Matching manicure. The theme for this week is black and white and here is my idea for the nail art. :)

It's a simple french manicure with black detail. I also drew a rose on the ring finger and thumb to make the nail art more interesting.

Material used:

- Essence studio nail anti-split nail sealer
- Eveline cosmetics Mini max 9 days 253
- Essence Better than gel nails Top coat
- acrylic paint
- detail brush
- dotting tool
- clear rhinestones

What do you think? Do you like it?

Here below you can check the manicure of other girls. :)


  1. Mi piacciono un sacco queste French abbellite :) E poi col nero fa sempre figura!

  2. Delicate and gorgeous French manicure! your pictures are so beautiful ♥
    Sad to hear you're not feeling well, I hope you get better soon!

  3. very beautiful design!- Hope you will be better soon :)

    1. I am glad you like it! :D
      I feel well now. Thank you for caring. :)

  4. Looks very pretty! Get well soon!

  5. I hope you feel better soon *hugs*

    This is a lovely mani, I love it :-D

  6. Hello here :-) Beautiful french manicure, I Love it ! :-) Take care ;-) Kisses (but from a distance, I don't want your germs hahaha :-P ).

    1. haha ;) Thanks for caring! I feel much better now! :D :D
      I am glad you like the manicure!!

  7. I'm ill too, coughing etc. I like your mani, very elegant one.

    1. Thanks! xx
      So we are in the same situation, I hope you get well soon too. :)

  8. Wahh credevo fossero stickers *___* spero starai meglio al più presto!

  9. This is so good, it looks really nicely. :)

  10. Super elegant, I love it! The rose looks great as well :) I hope you'll be better soon!

  11. Eeeeeh non c'è niente da fare, l'eleganza delle manicure in bianco e nero è intramontabile!
    ps. va meglio ora?

  12. osobno baš ne ljubim french, ali ova ružica mi je prekrasna :D
    i kod mene obično ista situacija, zimi zdrava a s proljećem stižu sezone i prehlade ;)
    drži se, proći će već :*

    1. Puno hvala. Ja volim french pogotovo u boji (ovaj bijeli obični mi nije nešto posebno. Ne radim ga često).
      Biti bolestan kada je vani lijep sunčan dan je stvarno grozno :( Sječam se da sam jedno se razbolila baš za vrijeme ljeta.. Užas!!! :(
      p.s več mi je bolje sada :)

  13. Very elegant and delicate!!!! nice work!!!
    Have a good week!! and my g+ for you!!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

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