Friday, February 12, 2016

Pink love + BPS palette ring

Hello! How are you? Today when I woke up I was very surprised to see the snow outside the window. It was my first snow this year!! :D
But now let's talk about nail art. The theme for today's mani is love since soon it's the Valentine's day. The manicure is very simple, just an accent mani with some hearts. This was a good occasion to try my new ring palette that I received from Bornpretty store. It's very useful and practical because you can keep the acrylic paint or nail polish closer to your nails while you are painting. You can place different color on the palette and there is also some space to blend the color.

Item: ring
Description:1 ring palette, two pattern available. 
Price: 2.99 $
Where you can find it: here at Born Pretty store website

The ring size is big enough to fit my ring finger but not the middle one. How ever I think is a pretty item to have if you make a lot of nail art like me :)

If you liked this product you can check also their website. 
There are a lot of interesting nail art decoration.

Feel free to use this code DULK31 to get 10% off on all your orders.

Have you already tried this item?

Thank you for stopping by! :D


  1. It's a cute mani and a cute palette!

  2. The maniis cute and very well done. I like the ring a lot, it looks handy!

  3. aaaaaa kako je kjuuuut. I prsten i manikura :D

  4. Cute mani :-D and interesting ring :-D

  5. slatka manikura... i paletica je preslaka :D

  6. Very cute Valentine's Day mani, I love it <3
    And this ring seems really interesting and useful :)

  7. very cute


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