Friday, February 26, 2016

Golden flowers

Hello! Today I decided to try this texture stickers that I have received from Bronpretty store. The pattern was cute so I decided to try it but I am not so happy about the result. First of all on the web site, on the description, was written that it was a water decal but in fact it's a stickers. I have already read a few review on the website so I already knew. The other thing that there were some "holes" (free space) on some places for example into the big petals... I don't know how to explain it I hope you will understand. Maybe if you look carefully on  second-last picture you will be able to see that.

Item: texture sticker
Description: 1 sheet of golden texture sticker. There are also other patterns to choose.
Price:  1.56 $
Where you can find it: here at Born Pretty store website

The stickers didn't last well on my nails even if I secured them with two layers of top coat. I have already tried some sticker from Bornpretty store and I was quite happy about them but with this one I am not. :(

One picture with the flash.

If you liked this product you can check also their website. 
There are a lot of interesting nail art decoration.

Feel free to use this code DULK31 to get 10% off on all your orders.

Have you already used this kind of stickers? How was your experience?

Thank you for stopping by. ;)


  1. the manicure sure looks pretty, however too bad that it did not last long enough on your nails... I think that I might have this sticker pattern in a template from BP I will have to look at my BP templates collection. Overall I do like the manicure =)

  2. There is nothing wrong with these manicure, however it's bad to see that quality of stickers is not upto the standards of BP. But can understand, it happens once in a while. But you have tried your best and can that what making these mani look beautiful. :-)

  3. Your mani looks great! But it's sad that the stickers don't last very long :/

  4. Ciao! Nel complesso è carino il risultato e se non avessi letto il post non avrei detto che erano stickers! Poi guardando meglio, si capisce. Per qualche volta ci puo' stare comunque.
    Un abbraccio e buon fine settimana!

  5. You have an amazing talent!
    They are beautiful :)

  6. šteta što su te razočarale, jer super izgledaju :D

  7. Niente male... :-)
    Mi piace molto l'abbinamento che hai creato!

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